Christoph Klinger - Produzent, Komponist, Pianist Christoph Klinger - Produzent, Komponist, Pianist

Hey there, I´m glad you found this place!

As long as I remember there has always been music in my head. Melodies and chord progressions unfolded like little blossoms on my way to school or while waiting in the supermarket. While I never quite found out where it all comes from, over the years I´ve acquired some tools to get the music out of my head and make it audible for others.

On this site you can find some of my recent work as a composer, producer, arranger and pianist.

If you want to get in touch feel free to drop me a line. I´m looking forward to hearing from you!

Linda Rum - Whisper of the Sleeping Trees


Linda Rum's debut EP 'Ten Feet Tall I' is finally out. I produced three of the songs, including this beautiful piece. More to come very soon!

Alin Coen - Du bist so schön


I´ve been a fan of Alin Coen for many years now. So when she asked me to record a song for her I didn´t think twice. It´s the opener of her new album "Nah". Enjoy!

VIVIE ANN - Loverboy (Live with strings)

String Arrangement

Vivie Ann's song 'Loverboy' in a stripped down acoustic version with a string quartet. Writing the string arrangements was great fun - with a hint of heavenly chaos in the end.


Composition & Production

What a beautiful video by M.R. Knox for my new piano song 'Dust'. It reminds me of childhood days, when I was staring at the wooden ceiling over my bed. I could find so many strange creatures in the abstract patterns of grain and knotholes - monsters and animals and witches - and I would make up their stories in my head. I love how this tickles my imagination.


Soundtrack (Composition & Production)

I really love this beautiful movie by Iliès Terki. I´m not surprised it was picked for the official selection of Around International Film Festival Berlin. There will be many more films in Iliès' Lost Pleasures series and I´m excited to contribute more music.

VIVIE ANN - Windmills

Arrangement / Production (with Willy Löster)

Vivie Anns second album "When The Harbour Becomes The Sea" is finally out. I was heavily involved in arrangements and instrumentation and I produced some of the songs in collaboration with great collegues like Philipp Schwär, Tobias Siebert, Christian Hartung and Willy Löster. I picked "Windmills" here, because that´s one song I´m especially fond of. But you should really check out the whole album.

KLINGER: Prisoners in Paradise

Composition & Production

The first time I published a song under my own name. Just me and a piano.

VIVIE ANN - Rose Coloured Glasses

String Arrangement

This is one of the most rewarding experiences as a composer: When you have written an arrangement, wrestled for days and weeks with imaginary chords and melodies, tried to simulate the whole thing with crappy midi sounds and then, finally, there are real musicians who breathe their soul into your music and you realize that it´s actually working out. This live version of Vivie Ann´s "Rose Coloured Glasses" was recorded at Fattoria Musica and the strings come in after about two minutes.

FIRST LINE (Documentary)

Soundtrack (Composition & Production)

A small documentary by Jonas Nahnsen about a refugee from Syria attempting to start a political carreer in Germany. You can learn more on the official page of the film.